Automated Highlight Reels

Finally, fans don't have to sit through all the stuff they don't care about just to see the 5 minutes of highlights they love.

Thuuz Highlights directly serves fans the televised moments of greatest personal interest. This exciting new product leverages the company's technology platform that combines user profiles, algorithms that determine every moment's excitement level, and deep analysis of exactly when each play happens within broadcasts.


How it works

Thuuz knows what each fan cares about - their favorite sports, teams, players, and even their fantasy teams.

We start with a complete game - tracking it live, as it happens.

We analyze every moment - plays, strings, possessions, sequences, and players. We know what's exciting and when it happens.

Then our algorithms assemble exactly the right set of highlights for each fan, with a limitless array of playback options:

Thuuz Highlights can work with streaming, on-demand and DVR-based footage. Initially, the application supports baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer games, with plans for additional sports. Thuuz Highlights will be available for subscription TV service providers and other rights holders in the fall of 2015.

You need to have flash.

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