About Thuuz

Thuuz is an award-winning mobile and connected TV service revolutionizing how sports fans discover and connect to sports programming. Thuuz consumer applications and partner products are designed to increase audience size for televised and streamed sporting events. Thuuz partners with leading TV providers, wireless carriers, consumer electronics companies, advertisers, and sports networks. Thuuz was founded in 2010, and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Adam Gittess
Product Analyst

Aditya Khajuria
Senior Software Engineer

Alan Levin
VP Analytics

Dennis Kanygin
Director of Engineering

Jack Morgan
Product Manager

Jon Luong
Principal Software Engineer

Jordan Toor
Software Engineering Lead

Leland Au
Senior Software Engineer

Rick Rafey
VP of Product

Steve Chait
Algorithms Engineer

Steven Kerr
Senior Product Analyst

Sushma Nayak
Senior Software Engineer

Tyler Gates
Software Engineer

Terry Green
VP Design

Vitaliy Kushnir
Product Analyst

Warren Packard