Ultimate Sports Guide

It's time to move beyond the grid.

Traditional TV programming guides are based on outdated ways of thinking about what's on TV. Providers of movies and episodic television have moved beyond the grid to provide rich, personalized, and informative entertainment guides - but sports has been left behind. Until now.

Thuuz provides an in-depth and unique excitement analysis of every moment of every game. We combine that information with automated contextual headlines that bring fans right into the action. Then we layer in the most important part of all - the fan. Your favorite sports, teams, players, and even your fantasy leagues help us to tell you what, when, and how to watch.

Thuuz's algorithms provide predicted excitement ratings for upcoming games, continuously-updated ratings for live events, and overall recommendations for completed games.

With interfaces for mobile, tablet, web, and TV, the Ultimate Sports Guide has finally brought your sports viewing experience into tomorrow.

How it works

Thuuz knows what each fan cares about - their favorite sports, favorite teams, favorite players, and even fantasy teams.

We analyze every moment of play. We know what's exciting, who did it, and when it happened.

Then we automatically assign excitement ratings and generate contextual headlines.

The Thuuz Ultimate Sports Guide is already enhancing fan's sports viewing for a broad set of customers and partners that include Charter, DISH, Fox Sports, TiVo and Liberty Global's Ziggo.