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What is Thuuz Sports?

Thuuz monitors the world of live sports to make sure you never miss an exciting moment. You can set the app just to monitor your teams or have it look through entire sports so you don't miss:

Thuuz (pronounced "thooze") is a play on the word enthusiast, which is what we are here at Thuuz, dedicated sports enthusiasts. We've created an app tailored for our fellow sports enthusiasts that monitors the world of live sports to make sure you never miss an exciting moment. What are the main features of the Thuuz Sports app?

Why use Thuuz Sports vs. other apps?

Our goal isn't necessarily to replace other sports apps, but to offer added value to your sports fandom/watching experience by...

  1. Monitoring the world for trending games and rating them all
  2. Providing more powerful personalization
  3. Telling you where to tune in
  4. Offering unique alerting capabilities
What are Thuuz Ratings?

Thuuz uses ratings to make it easy for you to tell which games are most exciting. Using algorithms and social signals, Thuuz rates all live (and upcoming) games on a scale of 0-100. Thuuz even personalizes excitement ratings for fans of a team. If you see a star next to a game or match, this signifies that the game includes one of your favorites.

Great game

Good game

OK game

Dull game

A star next to a game or match signifies that the game includes one of your favorites.
An empty circle represents the predicted excitement rating of an upcoming game.
What platforms does Thuuz support?

We currently have both iOS and Android Apps. Our Android Apps include a version just for Google TV. You can also find our game ratings on several partner platforms, including the DISH Hopper, the latest TiVO apps and more. Why create an account?

Create an account to take full advantage of Thuuz: save your preferences, sync your preferences between devices, access social features, integrate your Fantasy sports and more. Why does Thuuz need my email?

Thuuz primarily needs your email as your user name for authentication. Thuuz will also send you emails if there are problems or issues with the app (you can unsubscribe from these). Thuuz DOES NOT give your email address to anybody. How do I pick favorite sports and teams?

Within the app, go to your profile and click on favorite teams and sports What happens when I choose favorite sports?

Choose your favorite sports and we will make sure you know about the most exciting live and upcoming games. What happens when I choose favorite teams?

Choose your favorite teams and we will personalize our game ratings just for you, plus we will highlight any games involving your teams. You can also set more specific alerts for your teams. How do I follow friends?

Within the app, go to your profile and click the friends section. How do I find friends?

You can use Facebook to find any of your Facebook friends using the app. You can also search for friends using their email address. What happens when I follow friends?

When you follow your friends and they follow you, you can alert each other to great games from within the app by “Checking In.” Are check-ins public or private?

Check-ins are public to the entire Thuuz Community. Who's following me?

Within the app, go to your profile and click follow your friends to look at your friends, following, and followers. How can I customize my alerts?

Within the app, go to your profile and click on customize alerts. Then click on the alert type you want to customize. What types of alerts does Thuuz include?

Thuuz has four types of alerts you may choose to enable:

To manage the volume of your alerts, adjust your fan type or turn off alerts for individual sports and teams. How do I manage the quantity of alerts?

The number of alerts you receive will depend on:

  1. number of sports you follow
  2. number of teams you follow
  3. your fan level for each team or sport - from casual fan to fanatic
  4. number of friends you follow
  5. if you have Fantasy teams integrated
  6. number of games being played on a given day
How do I turn off all alerts?

You can always choose to receive no alerts, even if it's temporary. Simply go to your profile and turn off all alerts. When you turn alerts back on, all of your original alert settings are saved. How do I set my TV provider?

Within the app, go to your profile and select TV provider info. When you select a provider, Thuuz will tell you the times and channels for available live games and replays. What countries does Thuuz support for TV Guide information?

Today Thuuz only provides TV listings for the U.S. We hope to add this capability for other countries in the future. Does Thuuz have over the air (OTA) broadcast information?

Thuuz currently only provides cable and satellite broadcast information. What are the main Thuuz Fantasy integration features?

Receive real-time feed items and alerts for when your players are going off, when they're on TV, when they're injured and more. How do I import my Fantasy roster?

Thuuz will automatically import your Fantasy players from many of the major platforms. Why can't I edit my Fantasy roster in Thuuz?

Our focus is on helping you track your players across multiple platforms and figuring out when you may want to tune into the live action - all of this in an app where you also track your favorite teams and sports. How do alerts work on Google TV?

Thuuz Sports leverages Google TV's notification infrastructure. If you are watching TV, a notification will flash on the screen for approximately 3 seconds and then fade away. A history of all notifications can be seen in Google TV's notification center. Unfortunately, Google TV does not allow us to customize how long a notification stays on your screen.