There is a way to measure the breathtaking moments, brought to us by the folks at Bay Area based Thuuz.
“It’s the excitement boiled down to a molecular level, as understood from three different vantage points..."
Thuuz ingests dozens of sources of data to develop the most comprehensive accounting of a game. This data is then analyzed through subjective lenses to create a profile of excitement covering every player and play for any given fan…the DNA of a sports event.
Miss a few minutes of an NFL game? Thuuz not just ‘catch-you-up’ when you log in but will provide the custom highlights of what you missed without any scrolling or searching. Want to see all of Sidney Crosby’s breakaway goals for the year? Thuuz sets it for you up to the minute.
“This agreement with Thuuz Sports will give fans the ability to customize and enjoy their favorite teams, league and athletes where they want, and on whatever device they choose,” “No matter how passionate the fans, their time is limited, and this will give everyone the ability to discover content and easily stay engaged..”
Major sports ratings are falling on broadcast and pay television as fans use YouTube to catch up on games they miss. A new highlight reel solution from Thuuz could help bring those sports fans back to television.