Wayne Sieve, EVP for Thuuz joins us to discuss the digital media space and how how his company has partnered with Fox Sports and IBM to create the Fox Sports FIFA World Cup Highlight Machine


As FOX launched its World Cup digital strategy with great fanfare, a Bay Area tech company was quietly taking another step in helping media companies


Thuuz considers dozens of inputs, from statistics and play-by-play to betting lines and social chatter, to evaluate the action and produce its overall excitement ratings as well as create the custom highlights.


Fox Sports’ ‘Fifa World Cup Highlight Machine’ launched earlier this month incorporating highlights from 300 archive games and will offer action from the 2018 tournament as hosts Russia tackle Saudi Arabia in today’s opener.


This body of work is where Thuuz is a great addition to the Watson Media ecosystem. For years, Thuuz has worked with some of the biggest brands in the sports space to generate what it calls “unified sports event metadata,” uniting live event data, historic sports statistics, and video/audio analysis to help sports brands generate more targeted content and metadata.


There is a way to measure the breathtaking moments, brought to us by the folks at Bay Area based Thuuz.

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