Free eBook: Are Live Sports Really DVR-Proof?

The Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity to Build a Better Pay TV Bundle

Time-shifting. No doubt, it's a TV mega-trend. The DVR has disrupted the traditional ad model, particularly for certain genres.

But Live Sports is different. There’s a timeliness to sports that’s essential to its enjoyment. That's why Nielsen data showed that 93 of the top 100 live programs in 2015 were sporting events compared to just 14 in 2005. It’s also why many in the sports business talk about sports as being "DVR-proof".

However, the truth is more complicated.

Anecdotally, many of us record sports to our DVRs. But we are unaware of any published research existing on this behavior.

So Thuuz commissioned an original survey of more than 1,000 pay TV subscribers using an advanced survey platform called Survata. The results are illuminating, and they’re written up in our brand new eBook: Are Live Sports Really DVR-Proof? This free research download provides answers to questions such as: How pervasive is this behavior? What is motivating it? Can we build value by tapping into it?

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Webinar: Live Sports Aren't DVR-Proof: A Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunity to Build a Better TV Bundle

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