Harnessing the Power of Excitement

Excitement is more than just the emotion within a sporting event; it’s the energy that drives fan engagement. It's what drives our powerful solutions for automated highlights production, content marketing intelligence, and programming guide enhancements.

Automated Highlights Production
Create content more efficiently with the use of proprietary technology.
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Content Marketing Intelligence

All events are not created equal – put marketing where the ROI is.

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Programming Guide Enhancements
Even the most dedicated sports fans must prioritize what to watch.
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Thuuz by the Numbers
Sports Covered
Leagues Covered
Events Processed

We cover a growing number of events from more than a dozen sports and 150 leagues, all using state-of-the-art systems to capture every possible form of fan data. We have rated almost 200,000 events for our partners with the same goal: to deliver an amazing experience to their consumers.